Artist Profile

Riddhi Shah


Concept note with the project proposal:

The body of works primarily deals with the collection and documentation of past and present events and experiences. To be more precise the events and experiences would be captured, with the various archiving tools like photography, video and drawing. Documentation and archiving are the scientific processes of accumulation of material and facts by an empirical method. Using it for work is to provide a sense of historicism and cumulative progression in life. Repetitions, juxtaposition and manipulations of images act an artistic device for emphasizing and relating specific events and the importance of it in my life. The significance and insignificance of the events and people is always a part of the subconscious but the experience of it changes with time and place. The method of archiving and recreation (interpretation) of the past is always in a subliminal state and the experience is never complete, it always in the process of making.

In this particular project, I am planning to re-create an artificial space through the chaos, which is part of life in the city of Mumbai. The metamorphosis of Bombay to Mumbai can be seen as distinct topographical and cartographical changes in the cultural landscape of the city, which never sleeps. The chaos is always mundanely related and retained by the city. Excavating into the cities past and present is my intension of this project. It would be about the people and the life, which one lives in the city of Mumbai. The work would be in a form of installation, where I would be looking at the mundane and day-to-day activity of my surrounding and making multiple images and objects. Taking the historical backdrop for reveling the contradiction in the present time and simultaneously drawing example from the past to enhance the dynamics of the city.

Capturing a tangible archive of the city from an anthropological perspective and going through the tradition and culture to re-locating the spirit of the city.


Work in Progress: