About Last Ship

Last Ship is a non-profit venture of the Julius Macwan Institute.

The Julius Macwan Institute was started in 1997 in Chennai (for more about the institute, go to www.juliusmacwaninstitute.com). Last Ship was founded in March 2011, and launched it’s first project in June 2011 in Mumbai.

Based in the Bandra area of Mumbai, Last Ship is a unique studio space right in the middle of the bustling Chuim Village off Khar Danda Road. It offers the space and means for art projects, especially new and refreshing ones by young artists.

For Artists:
Up to three artists can work and live at Last Ship at a time, and usually for a period of up to three months per project. Prospective artists have to submit project proposals. They will be selected based on the merit of the project they propose to create at Last Ship.
          Once selected, they are offered residence and studio space for their project. Completed projects are then exhibited at Last Ship, or other venues if the work needs it.

For Art Professionals & Friends:
Last Ship does not follow any structure, and the projects that take place here tend to happen and grow with their own life. Hence there can be all kinds of projects and events other than those by resident-artists. It is usually up to the artist or institution that is interested in working there to come up with the idea that Last Ship inspires in it.

In it’s heart, Last Ship is based on the philosophy and life force of the Julius Macwan Institute as it had run its life in the 90s in Chennai. Julius Macwan and his students then lived and worked in a way of life very similar to the historical traditions of both the East and the West. Wherein around a small teacher-student relationship and activity a small community with its own place and rituals would come together.
          The most important quality of this type of community was its being cut off from all pressures, especially commercial and political. Hence allowing a true sense of timelessness and freedom, creating the perfect fertile ground for original thinking and action.
           Last Ship seeks to be such a place, and is the present flagship of the Julius Macwan Institute. It constantly encourages its community members, artists and all who visit and share in its events to leave the pressures of daily strife aside and experience new possibilities of timelessness and creativity.