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Pravin Waghmare


Concept note:

Day in day out, we deal with a lot of things. Things that are new to us and things that are the same. We call them chores, the ones that are extremely familiar and to an extent monotonous. This monotony however is very superficial, there are changes on the inside, taking place on a continues basis. The chores and the changes both differentiate one person from the other; they are details we tend to miss in a person. Ever changing details!
We ourselves create some, destroy the others and the rest are altered in an unknowingly discreet process. A process, that is noticed only after its completion and hence remains a mystery forever. But there are certain things that serve as reminders, of who we were before the process took place and that is all we are left with.

‘SCULPTORATES’ here is an archive of such states and many others in the making. It speaks of intermediaries that are vital, yet overlooked in a rush towards the result and we all know that the process is far more important than mere outcome, Don’t we?


Work in Progress:


Jehangir Art Gallery