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Veronica Kent and Sean


Veronica (plus daughter) and Sean

The Telepathy Project is an ongoing collaboration between the Australian artists Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples. They have spent the last seven years developing a collaborative practice based on the possibilities of telepathic communication. Telepathy serves as an extended metaphor and working methodology through which they explore alternate ways of being, communicating and collaborating and acts as the premise for the setting up of encounters that test and provoke such relationships. These projects have been realised throughout Australia and overseas in, University, Artist Run and Public Galleries and spaces as performances, drawings, paintings, photographs, telepathically curated exhibitions and group happenings.

While at Last Ship Sean and Veronica are collecting their dreams for a performance as part of the Mumbai public art project (en)counters .

These dreams will be turned into songs and tableaux that will be performed by the artists, Veronica's daughter and guest musicians on the shore of the Arabian Sea in the hope that the ocean, and their desire to communicate, will speed/travel the dreams to the beaches and waterways of Europe where they can be received and interpreted. They have also invited drawing students and interested members of the public to "Life Draw" the event as it happens on Juhu beach - 20th of Jan from 5pm - 6pm (all welcome).

A series of satellite telepathic drawing receiving events are planned in Europe with artists waiting on the shore in Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona on the same day as the event in Bombay to draw the dreams as they arrive.