Artist Profile



Born in Bogotá 1972, Olga Robayo lives and works in Bogotá and Oslo.

Olga Robayo’s installations, drawings, photographs and videos revisit the processes of migration and appropriation of spaces in the city unfolding the intersection of its everyday aspects with the political and economic.

Since 2005 Olga Robayo along with Herman Mbamba and Marius Wang work together as the artist collective, El Parche. They work with recycling of diverse materials, images, texts and ideologies that are then incorporated in their installations. In the works are also manifested the different personal aesthetic and political experiences of each artist of the group.

Even though she has shown in more conventional contexts like W139, Amsterdam, Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, Al-Mahatta Gallery in Palestine, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogotá and the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo her work mostly thrives in public spaces and outside traditional artist institutions.

From 2009 Olga Robayo has been the director of El Parche Artist Residency. Focusing on the development of a wider networking with Latin American communities of artists, El Parche seeks to promote and collaborate with other artist residency programs to stimulate art production and exchange knowledge.

During their stay, artists are to realize a project involving a local community, as one of the main interests of El Parche is the living experience that the residency offers to visiting artists.