Last Ship presents Across Upon, a video exhibition focusing on Eros, Ephemera and the Everyday. The show features video art and performance through multiple video installations, projections, performance, installation and music.

(photo credit: n. Mendonca)
(photo credit: n. Kluz)

Across Upon features a video dialogue between Natasha Mendonca and Nellie Kluz, a culmination
of a two-month residency at Last Ship. Finding space between the mundane everyday and inner
life and fantasy, the videos poetically blend metaphor, sexuality and chance visual encounters in the city.

In addition to the exhibition will be a live
installation project by visiting artist Brydee
Rood. Her work is an eclectic offering; an altar
drawn across the floor in the delicate
accumulations gathered during a collection
exercise in the local Mangrove Swamp. A series
of microhabitats will rest upon the Bow of Last
Ship, vulnerable to the sharp eye of the crow.



(photo credit: b. Rood)

The exhibition will end with a Closing Party on Monday 17th of December with a special screening
of Natasha Mendonca and Nellie Kluz’s films (7.30pm) followed by a talk with the artists and a live
music performance by Suman Sridhar along with mouthwatering refreshments.


              Artist Biography

Natasha Mendonca is a filmmaker and visual artist from Bombay, India. In 2003, she overcame India’s tough censorship laws around homosexuality and co-founded Larzish, the nation’s first international film and video film festival on sexuality and gender based in Bombay, India. Her recent work Jan Villa won the Tiger award at The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 among
others. She recently completed a film collaboration with Olafur Eliasson that features the Little Sun solar-powered lamp, for the London Olympics and the London Cultural                                                                  Festival Tate Modern, 2012 and is working on her first                                                                  feature on gender and class in Bombay.

Nellie Kluz is a non-fiction filmmaker based in Boston, USA. Her short observational documentary about pigeon racing, Young Bird Season, screened at film festivals across the United States and internationally. Her new movie Gold Party, which looks at the world of gold scrap dealers, recently premiered at the Camden International Film Festival. She is the recipient of a 2012 Rooftop
Filmmakers Fund Short Film Grant.

Suman Sridhar is an artist from Bombay-New Jersey. She forms one half of the music duo Sridhar/Thayil. Suman has been described as "one of those rare singers who combines an oldworld voice with a very contemporary sensibility." Ms. Sridhar grew up with Indian classical music in her family, and earned an undergraduate degree in western music from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. Her discography includes STD (2012),
Sridhar/ Thayil's debut studio album, appearance on independent albums and soundtracks to Hindi feature films.






Program Notes

December 15th at 9.00pm – Location aboard the Ship: Main Deck + Stern
Lyrical Jazz n Ballet: Movement Phrases
Bhumika Parekh & Ameya Hemmadi

December 17th at 7.30pm – Location aboard the Ship: Stern
Jan Villa by Natasha Mendonca
Young Bird Season by Nellie Kluz
We the Beats at 8.30pm - Location aboard the Ship: Bow
Live Music
Performance at 9.30pm - Location aboard the Ship: Stern
Monday night live on the Pirate Ship
Suman Sridhar

Art/ Performance/Music
Mouthwatering refreshments

Exhibition Hours:
Saturday-Monday: 7.30pm onwards
Admission for Opening and Closing party: Suggested donation: Rs. 150/- and
Students with valid ID Rs.100/-
Admission Valid for the 3 days of the exhibition.