Introducing our next (photographer) artists - Tanja and Sahil!

Tanja Verlak


Tanja Verlak is 33, and currently involved in a PhD-by-practice at the Royal College of Art, London. Her research focuses on the representation of culturally determined shock in photography.

She holds a BA and an MA degree in documentary photography from FAMU, Prague and an M.Phil. from the JNU School of Arts and Aesthetics, New Delhi.

Her work has been published in Camera Austria International, Revolver Revue, Emzin, Borec etc. She lives and works in London.

One of the most propulsive young Slovenian photographers, Tanja Verlak among others won the 2006 Slovenian Photography competition organised by the EMZIN magazine.

Every culture has experienced rationalisations of horrors and violence and, according to the artist, “there are no shocking photos without shocking situations.” Verlak has presented her contemplations in classical analogue photography, the technique characteristic of the documentary photography genre.

Sahil Mane


Sahil Mane is 27 and did his training in photography in 2010 at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Massachusetts, USA.

Orgasm!, his first solo show, has won two Honourable Mentions from the International Photography Awards, and the LA Center for Digital Art’s LACDA ‘Top 40’ Juried Competition 2011, Sahil being the only Indian artist to be represented by LACDA, with his works being included in their eight-year retrospective.

He continues to be a conceptual commercial photographer, doing a wide variety of commercial and editorial projects.

About his work, he says, "Photographs and video are two-dimensional, traditionally seen as capturing only the visual aspect of a moment in time. I attempt to also portray more — the emotional, sensory, spiritual and other — dimensions of my focus. My unique, inquisitive worldview is reflected in my distinctive and eccentric style that is, essentially, me."